Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How to Naturally Increase your Vitamin L

A little known or researched vitamin of tremendous importance is...Vitamin L, otherwise known as Vitamin Love.

Nutrition covers so many dietary theories, calories, macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients relating to food, but having a truly Nourished life involves soul-food. I do not mean, down-home, creole food; instead soul-food is not actually food at all.

Naturally increasing your Vitamin L could involve anything that completely absorbs you in the activity: a conversation with a loved one, building something out of your own creation, painting by yourself or in a group, running, taking time for yourself, or pursuing meaningful work - this. is. Soul-food. And, goodness, there is plenty of Vitamin L(ove) in it.

Another example could be hosting an event. This one was Lovely Ladies Potluck Brunch & Valentine's Card-making. A fabulous time with french toast, berries, chocolate-covered strawberries, banana bread, homemade tacos, and Caprese salad. After the brunch, we commenced on card-making...

 the calm before the feast of food and friendship time

 Card #1:

Card #2:

I can't even pretend all of mine were like this. Quite a few were of second-grader level, Lisa Frank-stickered quality :D. All of us were quite prolific in our card-making and shared stories about love, break-ups, Valentine's Day horror and success stories, friend-love, and more. Quite sweet.

Sweeter than this 85% cacao chocolate bar, even ;-).

We'll do a brunch again, along with a ladies bike ride. Because we all know the value of sunshine and smiles. Vitamin D and Vitamin L :)

TOP NUTRITION SECRET: The only way to get more Vitamin L(ove) is to give it. Let someone know how much you appreciate them. Send a cute package. Give a hug.

And share more ideas in the comments below, if you'd like :)

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